Why choose machining center and turning-milling compound for auto parts processing?

March 27,2021

Before understanding the reasons for choosing a machining center and turning-milling complex, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the processing of automotive parts on CNC lathes.


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Auto parts processing on CNC lathes


The processing of automotive parts on CNC lathes mainly refers to the processing of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, and turbochargers. Most of the machine tools required to process these parts are high-efficiency, high-performance and high-reliability Fukushima CNC machine tools or special CNC machine tools.


Auto parts


This is the core feature of the automobile. In addition to the fierce competition in the automobile industry, the current diversity and individual requirements of automobile users have forced automobile companies to switch products faster and faster, and the product varieties are very different. Therefore, in mass production, in automobile manufacturing In the industry, the combined machine tool (plane) production line that has been dominant for many years has been unable to meet the demand. The reality of the automobile industry is rapidly updated. Although the flat or flat automatic production line is highly efficient and flexible, it limits the processing, which makes the machine tool poorly adaptable to the variety of processed parts.



In order to solve this problem, a new generation of high-speed, high-efficiency machining center-CNC machining center came into being, which well solves the contradiction between processing flexibility and output, investment and renewal, and satisfies the current multi-variety, large-volume, and low-volume automotive industry. The investment requirement also meets this requirement for the production of auto parts.


Auto parts processing


Auto parts processing-turbocharger processing depends on the customer's specific processing workpiece to choose, because the workpiece has to be processed with complex curved parts, the requirements for the CNC system are generally relatively high. Specifically, whether to use a vertical machining center, a horizontal machining center, a profile machining center or a section steel machining center, whether it is necessary to add a fourth axis and a fifth axis, Fudao CNC machine tools can help you choose the one that is more suitable for you according to your drawing requirements Machining center.


The difference between CNC machining center and turning milling machine


Machining Center

The most important thing is milling! Only X; Y; Z three-axis linkage, Z-axis is generally a dynamic axis mark. Spindle (horizontal plus; special machine is not in this example)


Vertical Machining Center

The first is to process non-shafts such as rectangles, triangles, and cavities, like engine CPU radiators.



Turning and milling machine

This is also called a 5-axis dual-power head machining center. In addition to milling, it can also be turned! This machine was first used to process propellers! This should be done to avoid loss of accuracy and loss of reference caused by two-time clamping!


The turning-milling composite machining center is a machine tool with B-axis linkage and C-axis linkage that can do turning and milling processing. It can be said that all or most of a part can be processed on the turning-milling composite machine tool, so it is also called a small production line . It can not only improve the accuracy of products and the efficiency of processing products, but also greatly save the area of ​​the machine tool for the enterprise. In the past, it was necessary to complete the processing of a part on several machine tools.


Now it only takes one day to complete all the processing. This type of machine tool can also be divided into vertical milling-turning compound and horizontal turning-milling compounding machine tools. Such machine tools are already very common in developed countries such as Europe and Japan. Chinese cuisine has just started and its development is very slow. This type of machine tool is still processed like the previous machine tool, which greatly wastes the turning-milling compound machine tool. Now the main machine tool manufacturers include WFL, DMG, MAZAK, Baomei, Mori Seiki and so on.


Regarding the 5-axis machining center, it can only be used for milling and not for turning. Therefore, there are many restrictions when processing. Turning and milling can cover the processing of the 5-axis machining center, but the 5-axis can not be used for turning and milling.


 5-axis machining center


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