Which common metals are suitable for CNC batch processing?

April 12,2021

Now in the machining manufacturing industry, there are many manufacturers that can provide CNC batch processing. There are mainly two types of production in CNC machining centers, namely, large batch and small batch processing types. The output value brought by the large batch processing basically accounts for 70~80 of the industrial output value is the main body of manufacturing. So how do we distinguish whether we need large-batch processing or small-batch processing?


CNC machining 


Mass processing


Mass processing is usually tens of thousands, and the product needs to be opened. Large-scale processing requires molds: such as plastic molds, die-casting molds, cold stamping molds, etc. Work equipment: such as special fixtures such as milling fixtures, grinding fixtures, car fixtures, and drill fixtures for fitters. In short, their processing efficiency is different.


Small batch processing


In industrial production, issues such as materials, processes, costs, and quantities used are involved. Many parts cannot be mass-produced by machines. In this way, small-scale or small-batch processing is required through some special processes. Manual processing may also be involved in the middle. Generally, small batch production is realized by CNC, rapid mold, vacuum silicone compound mold and other processes.


Small batch processing ranges from single digit to three digits, which are processed through simple molds, soft molds, or directly. Small batch processing is generally machining processes such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, clamps, etc., and fitter's cutting, drawing, drilling, tapping, etc. Representative industries include aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery industry, machine tool industry, etc. The typical representative of mass production is the automobile industry, and the trial production of new models and engines in the automobile industry and the mold industry, which mainly serves mass production, still belong to single small batch production.


CNC machining


CNC machining is also called computer gongs. The main work is to compile processing programs and convert the original manual work to computer programming. This can greatly reduce the number of tooling, and the processing quality and accuracy are stable. It is very suitable for the processing of multi-variety and small-batch parts, namely CNC batch processing.


Main metal materials suitable for CNC batch processing


Copper includes red copper (pure copper) and brass. Among them, red copper has excellent electrical conductivity and weldability, while brass has high strength and outstanding mechanical properties for cutting.


The aluminum alloy has AL 6061 and AL 7075 in aluminum CNC machining, of which AL 7075 has higher strength and better performance than AL6061.


There are 45 steel, 40Cr steel, Q235 steel and stainless steel 303/304, of which 45 steel has higher strength and better machinability; 40Cr steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing; Q235 steel is one This kind of carbon structural steel can be used directly without heat treatment; SS303/304 has good processing performance and high toughness. If you want to achieve anti-rust function, you can choose this type of steel.


In addition, some commonly used plastic materials, such as ABS, PA, POM and PC, are determined according to customer needs.


aluminum CNC machining


What non-metallic materials are suitable for CNC high-precision machining?

The CNC machining center is suitable for a wide range of processing materials. Non-ferrous metals, cast iron, cast steel, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel, abrasive steel, quenched and tempered steel and quenched steel can be processed. The problem is that it needs to be selected. Various tool materials, such as tungsten steel knives, cemented carbide, cubic boron nitride, ceramic blades, diamonds, etc.


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