Reasons for Inaccurate Surface Accuracy during CNC Machining

January 18,2022

In the process of CNC machining, we may encounter various problems, such as artifact overcutting, on the knife, sorting, curved surface accuracy, and other problems. Here, we are long for more time to know the causes and solutions of the surface precision problem.


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There are lots of factors for it, primarily the following factors.


  1. The reducing parameters are unreasonable as well as the surface of the workpiece is harsh.


  1. The reducing edge of the tool is not sharp.


  1. The device securing is also long, and also the blade evasion is as well long.


  1. Chip elimination, air blowing, as well as oil flushing are not good.


  1. Program the device pass technique (you can consider down milling as high as feasible).


  1. The workpiece has burrs.




  1. The cutting parameters, tolerances, allowances, and speed feed setups need to be reasonable.


  1. The tool requires the driver to examine and alter now and then.


  1. When clamping the device, the driver is required to secure it as brief as feasible, and the blade must not be also lengthy to avoid the air.


  1. For the reduced cutting of level blade, R blade, and round nose blade, the speed and also feed setting should be reasonable.


  1. The work surface has burrs: it is directly related to our equipment tools, reducing tools, and also cutting techniques. As a result, we need to comprehend the efficiency of the maker tool and also offset the edge with burrs.

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