Introduction and recommendation of milling aluminium

April 25,2021

No matter what era or industry you are in, accurate and precise data are very important. In the production of modern and modern industries, all kinds of precision instruments have emerged. Precision instruments not only play an important role in the economic development of a country, but also promote the improvement of the living standards of the people in the country, and it is also an important manifestation of a country's comprehensive strength.milling aluminium is one of them.


Round grinding is the grinding of cylindrical or circular parts between devices to obtain as much "roundness" of the parts as possible. The circular grinder coordinates four necessary actions: the working parts need to rotate periodically. The tire must be rotated regularly. The feed direction of the grinding tire is the same as the working direction. Each of the components or grinding tires actually travels relative to the other. Circular grinding equipment is actually usually suitable for automation to enhance the performance and accuracy of the grinding program.



A grinder is a device used to obtain precision machining. It can be used for both measurement and surface finish, and can occasionally be used for grinding parts through brightening and splashing functions. In fact, the corrected parts are actually made of steel that has been heated to roughen, in this case using sturdy, annoying disks called wheels. In practice, the parts to be grinded have actually been machined on various other machines and then thermally treated, with only a small amount of excess actually left to ensure that the grinding equipment can easily and easily remove them. Lenses are also made by grinding, polishing and washing.


Type of circular mill

They can work in a variety of ways, but all of these components must have a rotating spindle. There are 3 types:


Cylindrical Grinder:

Used in the outer area of parts between equipment so that parts can be rotated. At the same time, the grinding wheel rotates in the same direction when exposed to the workpiece.


Centerless grinder:

This is actually performed inside the part. The grinding wheel is always much smaller than the width of the item. The working surface is held by a magnetic ring to avoid action.


Centerless grinders:

They grind small round parts such as shrubs, tacks and even tacks. It consists of two grinding wheels rotating in parallel. In fact, the workpiece is not fixed in the middle, and it rotates in the opposite direction of the grinding steering wheel. In fact, steering is possible because the driving wheels are moving and tilting at an Angle between 1 and 5 degrees. It all depends on the hardness of the material to be ground and the size of the workpiece.

milling and circular grinding


The price of the Circular Grinding Parts

grinding's price


The product detail of the circular grinding parts

grinding's detail


Maintenance of precision instruments


After opening the box, the use and maintenance personnel should carefully study the instructions that come with the package, and master its structure, principle, function, operation points, maintenance and maintenance requirements; the inside and outside of the instrument should be kept clean, pay attention to moisture, rust, and interference; precision The instrument should be handled with care, the optical parts should be wiped with lens cleaning paper, not a damp cloth; the electronic circuit board should be cleaned of dust, and the grounding of the instrument should be checked; the mechanical and transmission parts should be removed from rust and dirt, and lubricated oil.


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