5-Axis CNC machining parts :Complex super cool high precision

April 25,2021

Why processing complex parts, will think of five-axis processing?

According to the provisions of ISO, in the description of the movement of CNC machine tools, the use of right-handed Cartesian coordinate system; The coordinate axis parallel to the principal axis is defined as the Z axis, and the rotation coordinates around X, Y, and Z axis are A, B, and C respectively. The motion of each coordinate axis can be achieved by the motion of the table or the motion of the tool, but the direction is defined by the motion of the tool with respect to the workpiece. Usually, five-axis linkage refers to linear interpolation motion of any five coordinates in X, Y, Z, A, B and C. In other words, five axes, three axes of movement x, y, and z plus any two axes of rotation. Compared with the common three axis (X, Y, Z three degrees of freedom) machining, five-axis machining refers to the processing of more complex geometrical shapes of parts, the need for machining tools to be able to position and connect on the five degrees of freedom.


The machine tool used in five-axis machining is usually called a five-axis machine tool or a five-axis machining center. Five-axis machining is often used in the aerospace field, processing with free surface body parts, turbine parts and impellers, etc. The five-axis machine tool can process different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece on the machine tool, which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of prismatic parts.


K-TEK introduction device

In order to ensure the quality requirements of our customers, K-Tek has introduced advanced processing and testing equipment, such as 5-axis machine tools (DMG), CNC, WedM-LS, mirror EDM, internal/external cylindrical grinder, laser cutting, 3D CMM, altimeters and material analyzers from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.


The description of the 5-axis CNC machine

5-axis CNC machining has the unique ability to efficiently process part sizes and shapes, and often has unlimited possibilities. Like a 3-axis manufacturer, a 5-center reducer moves along the X, Y, and Z straight centers, but also opens up the AN and B axes, allowing the cutting resource to process any type of elemental instruction. When all five axes are used simultaneously, a professional mechanic may be able to complete incredibly complex geometries with much greater accuracy. Owens Industries' knowledgeable and experienced CNC craftsmen and programmers are able to process complex designs, breakages and complex angles -- all in one setup boot.


The ability to complete a part in a single process not only includes the accuracy achieved in the process, but also reduces tooling costs, overhead costs, and job opportunities, resulting in the lowest realizable cost per part. The 5-axis machining focus eliminates some deficiencies of conventional CNC machining techniques, which have many functions of setting, part transmission and inspection. Part handling and errors related to personal involvement/interference.


The advantages of five axis machining parts

(1)The artifacts do not move with many workstations, and they can be done only on 5-axis devices - complete elements and improve reliability


(2)Fewer fixture planning - saves time and money


(3)Singular machining needed to process complex conditions - improved efficiency


(4)Shorter cutting resources can be used - resulting in higher cutting speeds and less equipment vibration, resulting in improved accuracy


(5)Possible impressive surface finish - increased total cost of parts

5 Axis Cnc Machining


Five axis machining case

There are strict technical standards for every part of a Boeing aircraft. It has high quality composite material main, secondary structural parts and interior decorative parts manufacturing system. Among them, the shape of many key structural parts is complex, the processing difficulty is high, often need to use five-axis machining.


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